Gov Tokens

uNite Governance Token

At the heart of uNite's governance lies the uNite token, a multifaceted digital asset that empowers our community. This token is not just a piece of the blockchain; it's a key to unlocking a token-gated community where every member's voice can be heard. Holding a uNite token is akin to holding a vote in the democratic space of uNite, where the number of tokens directly correlates with the weight of your vote.

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uNite GuildGo Arrow

The Guild at uNite is an exclusive channel reserved for those who hold the uNite governance token and are integral members of the uNited community.


uNite DAOGo Arrow

Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is the embodiment of blockchain democracy, and at, it's where our community's pulse beats the strongest.


uNite InvestmentsGo Arrow

This is an opportunity for visionaries to invest in a future they believe in. It's a call to action for those who want to join our ranks and contribute to our shared goals.


uNite StakingGo Arrow

Staking on represents more than just another investment opportunity; it's a testament to the power of active participation.

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This is an exclusive utility reserved for those who hold the NITE governance token and are integral members of the uNited community.