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EmotiCoin: A Journey from Meme to Mainstream

EmotiCoin began as a rebase token project, setting out to redefine meme coins with real-world utilities. In just 14 days, utilizing the Reverse Split Protocol (RSP), the project achieved a lucky total supply of 777 million tokens, propelling it into the realm of traditional tokens. From its inception with a market cap of $4000, EmotiCoin soared to over $6 million in market cap.

Our Involvement:

The uNite team was pivotal in EmotiCoin’s journey, providing strategic business direction, development support, graphic design, animations, blockchain development, copywriting, and influencer relations.

Project Evolution:

EmotiCoin evolved into Orbitt Pro, expanding its utility beyond meme coins. This transformation marked a significant milestone in the project’s trajectory, further solidifying its position in the crypto landscape.


EmotiCoin exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the cryptocurrency space. With the support and expertise of the uNite team, EmotiCoin transcended its meme coin origins to become a multifaceted digital asset with real-world applications. Stay tuned for more success stories from our incubated projects as we continue to push the boundaries of possibility in decentralized finance.